Pixel Artist/Animator (Cinematics)

Freelance pixel art animation specialist (or animation studio) needed for a long term contract for “Project III”, our unannounced point and click urban thriller made in Unity.

We are looking to procure around 10 minutes of high-quality pixel art styled FMV sequences in 480×270 resolution for intense narrative game moments. These FMVs should seamlessly integrate with our in-game pixel art style for characters and environments. References below.



Full Throttle (although that one has 3D backdrops and only pixel art characters, we want it all to be pixel art):

Other Freelancers

We are always on the lookout for talented freelancers, mainly for 2D Art / Audio. Get in touch with examples of your previous work and we’ll add you to our list!

Apply to:

jobs [at] clifftopgames [dot] com