Game Programmer

We are currently looking for a game programmer to join our small team here at Clifftop. This is a full time permanent employment, and you’ll be the third employee, working closely with our Gameplay Scripter and Creative Director on site here in Hedemora, Sweden.

This role is broad with a lot of autonomy and flexible working hours, so the person we are looking for is results-oriented, independent, driven, and has a passion for game development and all the different technical parts associated with it.

You’ll be working on a wide range of platforms, such as PC, mobiles and the consoles, and your primary focus will be gameplay code in Unity. However, you will also solve various technical challenges related to multiplatform development, help maintain the codebases of our previous titles, and also improve our tools and technical processes.

We’re looking for a person with at least a couple of years of professional gamedev experience under their belt, alternatively someone with a more general programming background and an impressive portfolio of spare time projects in an established engine like Unity or Unreal.

• Gameplay programming in Unity Engine.
• Various coding tasks and technical challenges related to the consoles and mobile platforms.
• Optimizations, bugfixes, and other improvements to the codebase.
• Maintenance/porting work on our previous titles.
• Tools development, typically in the form of Unity Editor extensions.

• A minimum of two years experience of professional programming.
• Basic familiarity with Unity Engine.
• Solid C# skills and a decent grasp of C++.
• A passionate interest in video games!

• Professional experience of game development.
• Experience of developing for the current generation of consoles and/or mobile platforms.


We are always on the lookout for talented freelancers, mainly for 2D Art / Audio. Get in touch with examples of your previous work and we’ll add you to our list!

Apply to:

jobs [at] clifftopgames [dot] com